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Alcina benefits from the close collaboration with renowned dermatologists and experienced practitioners. Based on more than nine decades of corporate tradition and excellent closeness to its customers, the company has extraordinary experience. The scientific research has always been conducted in the company's own laboratories, located today in the modern production plant in Bielefeld. The natural processes in skin and hair are examined exactly and transformed into product knowledge. The company is meticulous in the selection of raw materials, because the quality of a given product largely depends on the purity of individual substances. The result is a quality brand with examplary effectiveness and optimal tolerability. All cosmetics ingredients are multiply tested and harmonically matched with each other. Alcina Balance Cosmetics prefers natural ingredients such as allantoin, botanical oils, vitamins and humectants. The company continues is meticulous scientific research and invests in the future. The goal is innovation based on long-standing tradition. But who says that medically sophisticated products can't be fun as well? With the latest trend colors and interesting package design, ALCINA gets customers excited about new colors and individual styling ideas. Beauty and health in perfect balance - this is ALCINA's formula for success.

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