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Aloxxi Style Molding Paste 51 gram
Aloxxi Style Molding Paste 51 gram

Aloxxi Style Molding Paste 51 gram



Aloxxi hair care and styling are professional products. From professional hair dye to hair care products and styling products without sulfates, parabens or sodium chloride: they are the perfect tools for creating, care and styling of beautifully colored hair. Aloxxi offers products to expand the services in the salon and home and optimize the appearance and health of the colored hair.

Aloxxi hair care
At Aloxxi, protecting and preserving of the hair color and the health of the hair are of great importance. The Aloxxi shampoos all have a protective function against color fading. In addition, the products protect the hair against UV radiation, giving the hair a beautiful natural shine. The colored hair will last longer thanks to the Aloxxi products. 

Styling products
Aloxxi's styling products are also of top quality. The products range from hairsprays to waxes. Thanks to these products, your hair stays in the desired model throughout the day and yet flexible. The line styling products are exclusively designed for colored hair. The Aloxxi Style line protects the hair with the unique ColorCare Complex, a blend of the main antioxidants, vegetable extracts and oils. 

Do you have any questions about Aloxxi products? Contact our professionals at 013-5811273. 

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