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Biosilk Clarifying Treatment Outlet
Biosilk Clarifying Treatment Outlet

Biosilk Clarifying Treatment Outlet

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BioSilk Farouk Systems USA is a hair care brand which is enriched with natural silk protein . Natural silk protein and creates a shiny and healthy appearance and gives a silky feel to the hair. BioSilk protects your hair from heat, cold and humidity . The complete Biosilk line consists of six different product series which are all available at In the development of all lines Biosilk has used many years of experience using pure silk to the hair care optimally. BioSilk is the only real hair care product enriched with natural silk and creates soft, shiny and healthy hair. The side that is incorporated in all BioSilk products contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in the hair very close resemblance . This repair damaged parts in the hair and create a smooth cuticle , strengthen the hair and prevent daily damage " styling tools " and revitalize the hair and provide a soft, smooth and shiny results. Biosilk has a rich assortment of products , so it has a product range for any care or styling the hair . Thus BioSilk range several lines of shampoo , conditioner , treatment , silk , mask , styling and finishing products. The lines offering BioSilk within the various product types and Silverlight , Thickening , Smoothing , Volumizing , Clarifying , Recovery and Fruit Cocktail . Thus BioSilk Volumizing Shampoo ensures that it is strengthened , making her the volume in the hair can be added retain essential , volumizing ingredients vitamins A and E. Because of this wide range of different product types and lines has BioSilk for all tastes. Do you have questions about any of the hair care products of BioSilk or questions about which line is best suited to your hair ? Please feel free to contact one of our employees of for good advice.

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