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CHI Keratin

CHI Keratin is a hair care line that the natural keratin protein of the hair protects and complements. This allows extremely dry and damaged hair back completely restored. There are four different CHI hair products from this line available: CHI Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Conditioner CHI, CHI Keratin Leave-In Conditioner and CHI Silk Infusion Keratin. CHI Keratin shampoo protects and replenishes the natural keratin protein in the hair, while it is being cleaned. Mild manner In addition, it optimizes the elasticity of the hair and prevents the degradation in the future. CHI Keratin Conditioner contains the same active ingredients to restore the hair and moisturizes the hair alongside optimal for most irresistible shine. After the hair is clean and cared for, can be the CHI Keratin Leave-in conditioner. This brings a good dose of keratin proteins allow to build.'s Natural level of the hair Finally it should be and the styling of the hair. CHI Silk Infusion Keratin used This CHI Silk Infusion Keratin protects hair from the heat of a heat tool and prevents it from drying out. Suitable for dry and damaged hair. Hydrates, nourishes and optimizes elasticity. Result: healthy, soft and shiny hair. This CHI hair products all have one thing in common: they are not tested on animals and are all paraben free. What line gives an environmentally friendly look. In short CHI Keratin transforms exhausted its completely healthy and smooth hair, which shines like never before. So you have dry and damaged hair and your hair need to be repaired? Then the hair care CHI Keratin highly recommended! Need help choosing the right CHI Keratin product? Questions or help Please contact one of the employees of!

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