Discount Codes

Barberstore tries to keep prices as low as possible. By buying in bulk and doing direct business with producers, we can keep prices low.

However, we also work with discount codes or other promotions. You will only receive these codes or promotions via our newsletter or our social media channels. Are you looking for promotions or a discount code? Please sign up for our newsletter!

I have received a discount code. Where can I enter it?
You can enter discount codes or coupon codes at the first step of the ordering process. Add desired products in the shopping cart and proceed to the shopping cart. Here you can enter the code on the left, under the products. The system will make clear whether the code is correct or not. In the next step of the ordering process you will see that the code has been processed and you have received the discount. Discount codes always have an expiry date. The expiry date will be stated when you receive the discount code.

I found a code on the internet, but it doesn't work. How is this possible?
Barberstore does not provide discount codes to other websites. Unfortunately, there are websites that indicate that we have codes for our site. However, these were never issued by us and therefore not valid!

I received a discount code from you, but it doesn't work?
Have you received a discount code via our newsletter or via one of our social media channels, but it does not work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service will gladly assist you.

I have placed an order and am receiving a discount code today. Will I get a refund?
You will not receive a refund in such a case. Of course you can still use the discount code for a new order.

I received a discount code, but it has expired. How do I still qualify for this discount?
Promotions and discounts are valid during a certain period. If a discount code is expired it is no longer possible to use the discount code. We therefore advise you to subscribe to our newsletter. You will then be the first to receive the latest discount codes or promotions.