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Goldwell Elumen

Goldwell Elumen
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Omschrijving Goldwell Elumen

Intensive hair coloration without oxidants with Goldwell Elumen
Goldwell Elumen hair color is more than a perfectly covering permanent coloring. Goldwell Elumen's hair dye fills up the porous sections in the hair and improves the hair structure. This creates a perfect shine and the hair is nourished intensely. The special thing abount Goldwell Elumen is that it is an ammonia and peroxide free hair dye, which also contains no phenylenediamine. Goldwell Elumen is dermatologically tested and can be used by or for people who suffer from a PPD allergy. Also without allergy, Goldwell Elumen is a perfect hair dye that doesn't damage the hair and gives excellent results. 

Therefore, Goldwell Elumen: 

  • Hair dye for any hair type
  • Suitable for people with a PPD allergy 
  • Oxidant free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Perfect shiny result
  • Extensive choice of colors 

How to use Goldwell Elumen: 
Apply the Goldwell Elumen oxidant free hair dye onto clean hair. After the paint treatment with Goldwell Elumen, use Goldwell Elumen Lock. This hair dye is ideal for professionals. We therefore recommend that you contact a professional to color your hair. Still want to dye your hair yourself? Then always read the instruction manual in the package. 

Tip: after a treatment with Goldwell Elumen you can't wash your hair for a few days. We advise Goldwell Elumen Wash to wash your hair regularly. 

Dying your hair with a PPD allergy impossible? No! Use Goldwell Elumen oxidants free hair coloration for a perfect result. 


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