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Imperity Oxi-Cream 90ml
Imperity Oxi-Cream 90ml

Imperity Oxi-Cream 90ml

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Imperity offers a wide and deep range of Imperity Professional. There are products for every hair type, from straight hair to curly hair and colored to oily hair. The products contain various natural extracts that ensure optimum results.
Imperity Professional has a deep range of hair care products. offers shampoos, conditioners and masks for different hair types:
• Reconstruction with Aloe Vera extract: Restructures and moisturises the hair. Nourishes and protects the inside of the hair which gives volume and shine
• Dry and Colored Hair with UV filters: Protects hair from the damaging effects of sunlight to prevent fading. Leaves hair shiny, healthy and easy to comb.
• Anti - Dandruff with lavender and rosemary extract - Very effective in reducing dandruff and relieving scalp irritations . Regulates the functioning of the glands .
• Anti - Greasy with nettle extract and antifungal - Normalizes sebum production of the scalp and gives the hair shine and texture . Works regenerating , revitalizing and close the pores .
• Anti -Hair Loss with Cranberry and Cinchona extract - Prevent loss and thinning of the hair .
Revitalizing, strengthens and stimulates the hair. Provides hydration and protection.
Bring the hair model with styling products Imperity Professional:
• Hairspray strong and extra strong - Strong fixation, shiny hair and brush out easily .
• Serum - Regenerates the hair structure , smooth , and shiny hair comb . Prevents discoloration and split ends .
• Shine Spray - Intense shiny , silky and manageable hair. Protects and regenerates the hair structure
• Wave Perm for normal , strong or sensitive hair ; Extensive perm with conditioning components . Helps prevent damage from chemical treatment . The conditioner is scented and neutralizes unpleasant odor .
• Fixation ; Fixes the conversion.
Hair Coloring
The 113 vibrant shades of Imperity Professional offer any color for every hair type. Brings her a deep color intensity and great shine. The permanent and nourishing hair color cream brings her back to life thanks to the active substances:
• Green tea extract
• Wheat and sweet almond proteins
• Pro - Vitamin B5
• Long-term color stability and 100 % gray coverage
• Maintains and protects

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