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Joico Color Endure Shampoo Violet 300 ml
Joico Color Endure Shampoo Violet 300 ml

Joico Color Endure Shampoo Violet 300 ml

€22.65 €18.95
Joico Color Endure Conditioner Violet Outlet
Joico Color Endure Conditioner Violet Outlet

Joico Color Endure Conditioner Violet Outlet

€23.15 €8.95
Joico Color Endure Violet Conditioner
Joico Color Endure Violet Conditioner

Joico Color Endure Violet Conditioner

€68.00 €51.00


Joico is known for its abundance of knowledge in hair styling and care . Joico is not only the best product what is currently available on the market but also 9 years chosen by rofessional hairdressers winner in various award ceremonies. Joico has also acquired the right to be able to describe as : Joico The Art of Healthy Hair Company. offers a complete range of these products which can be divided into segments hair type:

Joico hair dye:
An ultimate range of the most versatile colors. Extra gentle on the scalp, but hugely effective. Vero K -Pak Color system of Joico hair color is the only world that reconstructs hair "during" the colors. Strong, healthy, shiny hair and an exceptionally professional color results in a service, now within everyone's reach. This powerful color concept is the result of bringing together Joico 's world-famous K -PAK technology based on the patented Quadra Mine Complex and VeroColor 's superior color quality, developed in the laboratories of Shiseido.

Joico Body Luxe:
By using Joico 's unique volumizing and thickening product line may be fine, limp hair are transformed into hair that has a fantastic body and volume. Body Luxury increase light weight. Diameter of each hair fiber without her The complex ensures maximum, extremely light volume and its binding protein elements of oat fiber to the cuticle of each hair. Because every healthy hair thicker thus, it is noticeable hair light, soft and resilient, without being heavy. Body Luxe increases the diameter of each hair fiber without weighing it down and improves resilience. Leaves hair smooth and shiny. What to think of the Body Luxe shampoo? A lush shampoo which gives a compact foam on top of your head.

Joico Color Endure:
Of course you do not want your hair color fades quickly. The special ingredients Joico 's color sustaining system protect the hair and simultaneously ensure that the hair is nourished and grows stronger. Color Endure contains our Multi - Spectrum Defense Complex ™ that prevents UV rays color molecules disappear. From the hair With Color Endure we guarantee every day a radiant and shiny hair. For each type of colored hair, especially suitable for intensive red and copper tones and protects hair color. Joico Color Endure extends the shelf life of color results and protects against UV rays and harmful substances in the air. Prevents rapid fading and color change height and nourishes and protects hair (when using external heat sources). Ideal during the holiday season when hair is exposed to sunlight and seawater.

Joico Design Collection:
The Joico Design Collection is part of the brand Joico and focuses entirely on the styling and modeling hairstyles. Hence you will find in the range of Joico Design products such as wax, hair spray, hair pomade and pasta. The products are generally lightweight and target specific hair types. Hence it is advisable to always read the product descriptions well on With Joico Design you can knead your hair, shaping it, giving texture, modeling and your hair is in shape.

Joico Daily Care:
To maintain healthy and shiny hair. It is important to keep your hair healthy. By using Joico's balanced line of shampoos and conditioners, you are assured that remains healthy healthy hair. Joico Daily Care's products focus on regulating the fluid balance, keeping the inner strength and give hair a great shine. The balanced composition provides optimum results for all normal, healthy hair types. Because the products now contain special Joico Advanced Bio-Peptide Complex™, also get your hair every day the lush nutrition it needs. Joico Daily Care retains the health, strength and flexibility of the hair and supports and promotes optimum moisture and protein ignoring stop. Focuses on the best outcome for all hair types and promotes body and shine and makes hair more manageable. For all hair types.

Joico K-PAK:
For damaged, dry chemically treated hair. Restores damaged hair, is lively, strong and well protected by the rich and nourishing formulas of the products from the K -PAK line. K -PAK gives you strong again, beautiful and healthy hair as you wish. The K-PAK properties: For results-oriented consumers who are looking for high quality products, with proven ingredients that actually problem solving. As a leader in the industry is K-PAK best available product for full hai recovery. Restores, strengthens and protects damaged and chemically treated hair. Suitable for all types of damaged hair caused by chemical treatments, heat styling and environmental influences. The K-Pak collection contains the unique Hair Protection System™, which ensures that it can cope with environmental influences, the moisture content complements herself again and that keeps the porosity in balance. In addition, the products in this collection contain the highest content of Advanced Bio-Peptide Complex™ of all our collections. As such, K-Pak provides both stunning permanent recovery of weakened and damaged hair, as an opulent preventive treatment for all hair types. Changes the quality, appearance and texture of weakened hair that is damaged.

Joico Moisture Recovery:
For stubborn difficult to style hair and is ideal for extremely dry, curly and coarse hair. Overcoming hair feels dry, unruly and difficult to style, you can use Joico Moisture Recovery products. A unique blend of moisturizing ingredients from the sea, the solution for dry hair. It is transformed into smooth, soft hair with improved elasticity that is easier to style. A shortage of moisture Luckily Joico uniquely designed to restore this membrane: the Hydra Mine Sea Complex™. This is an elixir that comes out of the ocean and is composed of an exclusive mixture of vegetable matter and minerals which are typically invisible to the naked eye. Together these substances restore the hydro lipid barrier in order to make it manageable again. Further dehydration for hair types that have a shortage of moisture, feel stiff and difficult to style. Joico Moisture Recovery provides (extremely) dry hair exposed to environmental influences, extreme climates, chemical treatments or other causes of drought. Transforms dry hair in stable, smooth hair. Improves elasticity and manageability.

Joico Silk Result:
Looking for soft, silky and shiny hair? Use products Joico Silk Result and experience the luxurious feeling of beautiful, soft and smooth hair. Joico Silk Result is ideal for fine to normal curly or wavy hair. The hair is silky, smooth and shiny. The Silk Result provides immediate tangible and visible results. Joico Silk Result is recommended for normal to fine curly and wavy hair, and anyone who wants to see immediate shiny result. Specific features: gentle cleansing for everyday use, basis for smooth and shiny hair, continuous polishing effect, Colour Safe with a pH value of 4.5 - 5.5.

Joico Smooth Cure:
For curly, springy or thick hair. Contains a sulfate-free formula with KeraShield Complex. Soothes all hair types and provides up to 72 hours for smooth hair and reduces its jumpy as much as 79 %. Joico Smooth Cure provides 24 hour protection against high humidity. After numerous formulas and product claims to have studied the market Joico has finally its own unique solution without sulfates, formaldehyde and harsh chemicals developed. Smooth Cure contains Kerashield Complex™, a highly effective composition of rich but light oils and butters mixed with hydrolyzed (water-based) keratin. This delivers exceptionally smooth, lint-free results that last up to 72 hours, while the natural health of the hair is improved naturally.

Joico Style & Finish:
Innovative style products to create personal styles and healthy hair! Give your imagination free and create your personal hair style with Joico 's broad range of products specifically developed to provide luster and texture, to bring it into any desired model the hair or to straighten and provide the desired firmness. No matter what your hair type is, Joico always has a styling and finishing product that gives you an infinity of possibilities to bring in the model that fits your fashion the hair. If no result-oriented top quality products used to style, its basically wasting his or her time. With Joico's amazing new Styling & Finishing range we offer a mix of classics and improved revolutionary new styling products that do any hairstyle stand out. Meet the ultimate variety and versatility, from matte to high gloss shine, from style to its texture, a subtle reinforcement 1 to a very strong 10. For us, integrity is a core concept and therefore we guarantee that our aerosols an absolute minimal amount of alcohol, making them like the rest of our products are healthy for your hair and the environment.

Joico Structure:
Structure hair styling products by Joico offers consumers a dynamic collection of high quality hair styling products. Structure meets contemporary styling needs of young adults and appeal to consumers by the appearance of the products. Joico Structure gives consumers creative, trendy, trendy styling possibilities.

Joico Skin Luxe:
Quality products for a luxurious feel! Give your skin an intensive but gentle cleansing or gradually build a beautiful and natural complexion. It 's up to you! Choose the product that suits you and order directly and for a great bargain at!

Joico ICE:
Do you recognize yourself in this? You want to be an individual! Expression you want! You want to be creative! I.C.E. HAIR makes everything possible! This high-tech styling and finishing products allow you to stand out from others. You can make your hair styling and finishing in any wa , no guideline , no rules, no defined look. Dare to be different! Discover the art of I.ndividuele C.reatieve .Expression. It is in your hands, at your command.

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