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Kadus Intensive Shampoo Outlet 1000 ml
Kadus Intensive Shampoo Outlet 1000 ml

Kadus Intensive Shampoo Outlet 1000 ml

€47.95 €25.95


Kadus is the quality brand trusted by salons internationally to bring the warmth of real color, quality and heart into the salon and awaken hair full of life, movement and luxury for everyone.

History of Kadus:
1906 - Hairdresser Ludwig Kegel opens his own salon in Neustadt, Germany.
1919 - The name Kadus is born, actually the name of Kegel's first patented hair appliance.
1922 - Kadus starts mass production of a new perming method.
1938 - Kadus expands production to offer a complete range of care products to support hairdressers' needs.
1974 - Kadus joins the Wella Group.
1985 - Operational in 35 countries, the company philosophy remains, 'To serve the hairdresser and to perfect her capability'.
2009 - Kadus breathes new life into the hair of countless women all over the world every day.

New technologies and products are first tested extensively by Kadus' scientists in the lab – to make sure they react with hair in the desired way. Kadus has:
- over 10,000 active patents
- a network of test salons spanning the globe
- hundreds of experienced stylists

Kadus asks consumers to use our products at home to make sure they perform in real life conditions.

Do you have questions about care or styling products of Kadus, or do you not know, what type of hair dye to choose? Just contact one of our staff members.

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