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La Riche Directions

La Riche Directions
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Colour: Single price Number Order
Dark Tulip €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Mandarin €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Fire €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Coral Red €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Vermillion Red €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Ebony €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Plum €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Atlantic Blue €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Lilac €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Lavender €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Silver €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Midnight Blue €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Neon Blue €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Alpine Green €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Apple Green €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Spring Green €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Bright Daffodil €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Pastel Pink €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Apricot €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Tangerine €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Flame €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Fluorecent Glow €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Tulip €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Rose Red €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Poppy Red €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Pillarbox Red €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Flamingo Pink €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Violet €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Rubine €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Lagoon Blue €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Turquoise €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Carnation Pink €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Cerise €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
White Toner €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Denim Blue €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart
Wisteria €12.50 €6.49 In Shoppingcart

Omschrijving La Riche Directions

Create the most crazy colors you can think of with La Riche Directions 
La Riche has the most varied colors in the serie Directions. With La Riche Directions hair dy you can realize the most crazy colors you can think of. The condition is to apply this to very light blonde hair for results identical to the color bars. The hair can also be bleached prior to the treatment. The colors of La Riche Directions can be mixed together. It is even possible to create pastels by adding the La Riche Directions White Toner. The colors of La Riche Directions are suitable for dying the overall length, but are also ideal for the dip dye technique. 

Therefore, La Riche Directions: 

  • Create the most varied colors 
  • La Riche Directions colors can be mixed together
  • Ideal for the dip dye technique
  • Semi-permanent coloring with long-lasting result 

How to use La Riche Directions:
First, wash your hair with an acidic pH-balanced shampoo, for example with the La Riche Directions Pre Colour Shampoo. The shampoo gives the hair the right balance for the best results. Comb the La Rich Directions through your hair until it emulsifies. Lighter lures have to be repeated several times. Leave to work for 15 to 30 minutes. If necessary, use a plastic cap while La Riche Directions is doing its work. Because of the heat of the plastic cap, you can achieve even better results with the hair dye. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water until all residual color cream has been removed. Do not use shampoo! If more than one color is applied, the hair must be rinsed out and dried separately from each other. This is to prevent color grading. 

La Riche Directions is very suitable for professionals. We therefore always recommend to contact a professional to color your hair. Still want to do it yourself? Always read the enclosed instructions in the package. 

Always wanted purple, blue, or an other extreme hair color? Buy La Riche Directions at Barberstore! 


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(Groningen, Netherlands) wrote on 12/10/2013 about La Riche Directions

Super product!


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